Responsible Gambling

Gambling Breaks and (Self-)Exclusion

Inter-Operator Gambling Break - exclusion for 24h

If you feel you show signs of problem gambling, you can exclude yourself from betting for 24 hours. Activating the red button on the right-hand side of the website will cause an immediate inter-operator exclusion and you will be automatically logged out of your player account.

Player Exclusion

The Interstate Treaty on Gambling requires the operation of a national player exclusion system (OASIS) as a central measure for player protection and to fight gambling addiction. ODDSET Sportwetten GmbH participates in this national player exclusion system.

  1. Self-Exclusion
    You can exclude yourself at any time at your own request or by contacting Customer Service. For this purpose, a corresponding function is available in your player account. Your self-exclusion will be transmitted to OASIS and will result in an irrevocable exclusion from gambling of at least 3 months with all licensed gambling operators in Germany.
  2. We recommend that you seek professional help after your self-exclusion. This can be organised anonymously and sometimes even free of charge through the respective help centres.

  3. Third-party Exclusion
    Customers can also be excluded by ODDSET GmbH. This is due to:
  • the observations of Customer Service,
  • reports from third parties, or
  • other indications which suggest that they are at risk of problem gambling or overindebted, are not meeting their financial obligations or are risking stakes which are disproportionate to their assets.

The third-party exclusion is at least 12 months.

The self-exclusion may be lifted at the earliest after 3 months and the third-party exclusion may be lifted at the earliest after 12 months. This is only possible upon your written application to the Regional Council of Darmstadt (Dezernat III 34 Glücksspiel Wilhelminenstr. 1-3, 64283 Darmstadt). The relevant removal request form can be found here.

Our Customer Service will be happy to assist you. You can reach them here.