Responsible Gambling

Protection of Minors

An important aspect of responsible gambling is the protection of minors. Therefore, the statutory minimum age for all games of chance and betting is 18 years.

ODDSET GmbH takes its responsibility for the protection of minors very seriously and has established strict guidelines. For example, the participation of minors is prohibited within the framework of our General Terms and Conditions. In addition, technical measures during registration ensure that the registration of minors should be excluded.

Tips for parents

  • Account security:
    If you are a parent, you have a special responsibility. Parents shall, under all circumstances, prevent minors – not even with their permission - from gaining access to their player account and thus being able to bet. For more information on securing account, please check customer account security.
  • Block access to gambling sites:
    In addition, you can also install software specially designed to protect children to make gambling sites inaccessible to minors, such as Cybersitter and NetNanny ODDSET GmbH accepts no liability for the effectiveness of these programmes.