Responsible Gambling

What do we stand for?

Die ODDSET Sportwetten GmbH stands for „responsible gambling“

Our sports betting offer is primarily for entertainment and makes following sports events even more exciting. After all, the appeal of a bet lies in the idea of knowing better and testing this conviction and trying one‘s luck with real-money stakes.

Most people participate in betting without any arising problems; they simply enjoy the game. For others, however, participation in gambling can become a serious problem and for some even addictive.

For this reason, effective player protection is a core requirement for regulated gambling service. It is our duty to provide our customers with a legal and attractive sports betting services and to organise these in a reliable and orderly manner with the highest level of security.

The framework according to the legal requirements is determined by gambling addiction prevention, protection of minors and channeling of natural gambling urges.

Therefore, ODDSET Sportwetten GmbH ensures it’s customers’ awareness to responsible gambling as well as providing necessary information and support.

On the following pages, you will find information about possible safeguards, help options and methods for determining whether you might show signs of problem gambling.