Calculations indicate that hundreds of millions of EUR are bet on sports events every year in Germany alone. For this market reliable and integer structures for the underlying sports events are necessary. Manipulation of sports events is not only financially harming for the players but also represents an immense economic risk for sports betting operators themselves.

ODDSET Sportwetten GmbH is constantly working to counter the risk of sports event manipulation. 


We have a team of security analysts at an operational level who investigate any irregularities and suspicious circumstances (conspicuous bets). In addition, the bookmakers themselves are the first line of defense, as they track bets placed in real time and can therefore identify suspicious cases immediately. 

Identification Mechanisms

In addition to the bookmakers' indications, an internal alert system generates reports in real time that indicate manipulation risks which are investigated further by the security analyst team.


Bookmakers and all staff involved in betting operations are required to complete online training on the risk of manipulation and betting fraud. The training content is intended to raise awareness of corresponding risks and to convey appropriate behavior in the event of identified indications of manipulation.


Together with our system service provider Entain, we work closely with the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA). The IBIA’s provide a cross-provider monitoring and early warning platform (IBIA Monitoring and Alert Platform) which is used by IBIA members to report suspicious betting activity. Therefore, corresponding suspicious cases in the ODDSET offer are also reported to the IBIA. The IBIA has information exchange agreements with leading sports federations, including FIFA, UEFA, TIU and the IOC, as well as with many regulatory authorities, with the aim of effectively detecting and prosecuting any cases of manipulation.